December 2011 | Volume 13 | Issue 4

We are supposed to be entering the season of giving. But instead we seem to be mired in a season of taking away. The current administration has taken away our economic dynamism, our preeminent position in the world, and our personal freedom—including the freedom not to buy tainted products like Obamacare. The President said that he intended to radically transform America. And he is doing it. The nation we were born into is starting to look like a foreign country.

The Freedom Center is a non-profit. We don’t campaign, and we can’t endorse candidates or tell anyone how to vote on legislation. But what we can do, and do better than any organization out there is sound the alarm and go to battle stations. We educate our citizens about the destructive polices that threaten our liberties and freedoms. We’re also unique in that we are willing and able to fight back against the Left’s advances in what often amounts to hand to hand combat. We’ve made it clear that the Left—whether it is in the White House or trying to occupy Wall Street – will succeed in its malicious plans only over our dead body.

We can only do this work because of the generous support we have received from individuals such as you. Your investment—which, in effect, passes us the ammunition to continue the fight—is not just for today, but for the future of America, for our children and grandchildren. Supporting us is an act of faith in our joint ability to help America become America again, a place governed by individuals who recognize that it is an exceptional nation, not by those who want to change it beyond recognition.

The Left has been on the march over the last three years. How bold it has grown, with support from the administration, can be seen in its current effort to occupy all our major cities and create “liberated zones” of crime, degeneracy and chaos. The only thing growing, besides the Left, is the federal government. The transfer of power from the people to a malicious bureaucracy—as seen in the power of the czars, Obamacare, the EPA, and the sadistic TSA gropers who will make our holiday travel a nightmare—is killing the American spirit.

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Muslim Hate Groups on Campus

By revealing the Nazi and Marxist origins of groups such as the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine and the connections between these organizations and terrorist activities around the globe, Muslim Hate Groups on Campus sheds light on the dark undercurrent of anti-Semitism which flows unobstructed through our most prestigious institutions of higher education. More Info

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Occupy Wallstreet

In the fall of 2011, an anti-capitalist “resistance movement” calling itself Occupy Wall Street (OWS) took to the streets of scores of American cities to condemn “the richest 1 percent of people,” those whose “greed and corruption” had allegedly brought financial ruin to millions of ordinary Americans–the so-called “99 percent.” More Info

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